Best Food Choices for Dogs and Cats

Best Food Choices for Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are one of those animals that are widely kept as pets by people all over the world. Pet owners mostly worry over their pet’s food. In this blog post, we are going to talk about what people food you can give to dogs and cats. Let’s start with dog foods first:

Best Food Choices for Dogs and Cats

People Foods for Dogs

Peanut Butter – Peanut butter springs to mind when it comes to human foods that dogs love as a treat. They can easily be placed in kong toys, or even be used to trick your pet into taking medicine that they usually refuse to take.

White Rice – Although rice isn’t an exciting treat, white rice can be given to dogs with an upset stomach. It’s mild and bland, meaning it is easy on their digestive system.

Pumpkin – Pumpkin is a nutrient-rich human food that can also serve as an easy dog treat. Use either canned or fresh pumpkin puree to make a delicious doggy snack that is a lot cheaper than costly doggy treats.

People Foods for Cats

Fish – Salmon and Tuna are one of the most favorite foods for cats. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which play a great role in improving your cat’s eyesight.

Fresh Fruits – While cats usually don’t like eating fruits, they are a great source of different essential vitamins. Bananas are believed to be high in potassium and soluble fiber, which is ideal for the daily calorie intake of your cat. Apples can also be given to cats but without skin, because it’s hard to digest. It is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Blueberries on the other hand contain Vitamin C and A, which is a perfect snack for your cat.