Best Freshwater Fish Species for Aquarium

Best Freshwater Fish Species for Aquarium

Having an aquarium in your home offers numerous health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Freshwater tanks are easy to maintain than saltwater fish tanks. Freshwater fish has its own vibrant range of unique and joyful species that give life to your aquarium.

Best Freshwater Fish Species for Aquarium


Guppies are ranked among those species widely being used as aquarium pets all over the world. If you don’t separate the genders, they will grow in large numbers in little to no time. They come in different colors, with males having flamboyant bodies than females. They have lively personalities and are also good at adapting to different water conditions.  This is why they are so popular among the masses. You need to keep the temperature between 50°F and 84°F to ensure a healthy environment for them.

Betta Fish

Also known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta Fish is another popular choice for freshwater aquariums. They are easy-going and come in a diverse range of beautiful colors. They are widely recognized for their aggressive and territorial nature with other fish, especially males. You should avoid keeping them with other similar-looking fish such as guppies. Consider placing them in a separate tank with plants.


Angelfish is another freshwater fish species you can consider for your home aquarium. It can grow up to 8-inch in height. They tend to come in various patterns and colors. They can eat animals and plants, such as shrimp and small inspects. They shouldn’t be put together with small fish.

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