Tips for Taming a Cat

Tips for Taming a Cat

This is your first-time experience keeping a cat as a pet in your home? Wondering how you can make your cat obey you fast? Well, you are in the right place. Cats are very social and they can easily be tamed. All you need is to act in the right way. The following tips are sure to help you tame a cat, no matter how aggressive she is.

Tips for Taming a Cat

Appreciate the cat for the first move

Ignore the cat for some time until it gets socialized with the things around it. However, ignoring a cat that has become fully attached to you isn’t a good idea. This trick works when you are new to an animal. Ignoring a fully tamed pet isn’t a good practice and it could lead to dire consequences. Your cat should reach out to you first to develop a positive interaction.

Respect her space

After you’ve welcomed your cat into your home, the next step is to make her believe you’re a trusted guy. Initially, your cat will get panicky and require a space to hide when overwhelmed. This will help avoid her from feeling restricted or cornered.

Keep your cat coming back for more

The next step involves offering a non-threatening, relaxed enrichment to make sure your cat enjoys more time spending with you. Feline rescuers say the right time to start an interaction is when your cat is enjoying her meal.

Gradually desensitize your cat to life with humans

Use feeding times as an opportunity to perform slow and speak softly to desensitize your pet and show it you’re not a threat.

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